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A Little About Chris…

Chris has always been a lifelong pet lover. He had the pleasure of growing up in a household full of dogs, cats, and small animals. This is where he believes that his passion for animals started. While working in the grooming industry, Chris advanced in management, teaching and his grooming skill set. He was able to teach others the art of dog and cat grooming, as well as continuing to do what he loved in the corporate setting.

Chris started dog grooming, as well as attending dog shows, at the young age of 12.  This is when he started showing dogs, including his two Havanese. He also helped his mother show her German Pinschers. He worked at a large dog and cat boarding facility at the age of 14, where he quickly went from helping in the kennel and grooming, to supervising the summer help and bathing dogs. He was with this boarding facility for about 7 years. Chris has also attended several prestigious grooming shows and seminars including Artero and the Hershey Groom Expo. After working in the corporate setting for about 9 years, he finally decided to venture out on his own.

Chris shares a great bond with his clients. He takes pride in his work and his relationships with the dogs and cats that he grooms, as well as their owners.

His passion/love for animals and grooming has always been a huge part of his life. Therefore, he decided to start his own business. Chris wants to provide a better, less stressful environment for the dogs and cats that he grooms. His dedication and bond with his clients, the four-legged and two-legged ones, led him to realize that he can better serve them as well as expand his services and abilities, by venturing out on his own. After a lot of thought and soul-searching, he decided that having his own mobile grooming salon would best meet the needs of pets, their owners, his family, and himself.

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Remington (Remi)

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